Grand temple bell reaches Ayodhya from Rameshwaram


The much-awaited Ram mandir at Ayodhya will have a huge attraction with a grand temple bell of 4×4 size arriving in here from Rameshwaram only to be erected at the temple.


The bell is not just giant in size but also has a unique feature of reverberating the sound of “OM’ for every hit. It was made of 613 kgs of bronze metal and was donated by a Rameshwaram-based devotee and a legal rights activist Manda Rajyalakshmi.

The bell was left for Ayodhya from Rameshwaram on September 17 and reached the destination on Wednesday after 20-days of travel which it has received pujas from devotees en route at several places.

The bell also has figures of Lord Rama, Sita, Laxmana, Anjaneya and lord Vinayk etched on it besides the letters of ‘Jai Sri Ram’.

Expressing her happiness at her contribution, Rajyalakshmi said the purpose of her life has come to true with getting an opportunity to be part of this holy effort of building Rammandir and she recollected the connection between Rameshwaram and Ramayana as this is the place wherein Lord Srirama had built a bridge across the sea to reach Sri Lanka.