Hajipur serial killer Srinivas Reddy gets death sentence

Serial killer Srinivas Reddy (in red shirt) is seen at the scene of offence with police. (Inset) the victim Sravani - File Photo

The Special Court of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) has awarded death sentence to the psycho killer Srinivas Reddy in the Hajipur triple-murder case today.

The judgement to this effect was delivered by the Nalgonda Special Court Judge SVV Nath Reddy upon completion of arguments and trials by the defence in the case. The Judge ruled that Srinivas Reddy was found guilty in rape and murder of 3 girls Sravani, Manisha and Kalpana. However, the Judge awarded death sentence in Sravani rape and murder case while life sentences in rape and murders of other girls. He also said all the three punishments will be implemented

The Judge before delivering his verdict asked the culprit whare are his parents to which he answered “I do not know where they are. I don’t even know whether they are alive”.

He was immediately whisked away by the police. However, the father of Kalpana while expressing happiness at outcome also feared that the execution might get delayed as in the case of Nirbhaya in the name of legal remedies to the convicts and demanded that he be executed immediately.


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