HC questions Cabinet decision to allot prime land to Shankar for ‘pittance’


Telangana High Court on Monday questioned the State government for its decision to allot 5 acres of prime land the filmmaker N Shankar in Mokila to enable him to set up a film studio.

The division bench comprising Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chouhan and Justice Vijaysen Reddy while dealing with a petition opposing the allocation of prime land to Film Director Shankar at a throwaway price of Rs5 lakh per acre as against the market price of Rs 2 crore per acre pointed out that how a Cabinet can justify its decision of allotting Rs 2.5 Crore acre land for Rs 5 lakh acre. “This piece, it seems, had sold for peanuts. Cabinet cannot abuse its powers by passing decisions that cause loss to the government by allocating land at such a low price”, the bench said.

Further citing Supreme Court orders issued earlier, the judges said there is a policy of alloting land which needs to comply with constitutional provisions. Earlier, a status quo was issued by the court which is vouge now. However, the court adjourned further hearing on August 27.