High-level foreign delegates from 80 countries to visit city on Dec 9

Chief Protocol Officer of External Affairs Ministry Nagesh Singh is seen in review meeting with Chief Secretary and other officers in connection with the proposed visit of foreign delegates to the city.

The Hyderabad is gearing up itself to be the host for the Ambassadors and High Commissioners of 80 countries set to arrive here on December 9 to study the Covid-19 vaccination process at Bharath Bio-tech.


The trip is being organised by the External Affairs Ministry whose Chief Protocol Officer Nagesh Singh held a review meeting with the Chief Secretary here today on the arrangements to be made for their visit.

Chief Secretary said on the occasion the delegation would visit Bharat Biotech as per covid19 protocols. At least 5 Special Buses would be arranged along with a special medical team. A presentation was also asked to prepare on the Genome Valley and Pharma city only to be presented to the visiting dignitaries.

The meeting was attended by GAD Political Vikas Raj, R&B Secretary Sunil Sarma, IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan, Cyberabad CP VC Sajjanar, Hyderabad District Collector Swetha Mohanty and other officers.