HMDA declares ‘Peripheral Township’ as unauthorised


Hyderabad, April 19 (Telemedia): The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) here by Cautions the General Public not to enter into any kind of transactions viz., Purchase of Plot / Land, Construction and any kind of legal agreement in the Sy.Nos.33/A/4, 33/1, 33/1/A, 33/1/AA, 33/1/A4, 33/2, 33/2/U/4, 33/2UU2, 33/3/U, 33/3UU, 33/3/RUU, 33/4, 33/4A, 33/4/A2, 33/4/AA1 and 6/19 “PERIPHERAL TOWNSHIP” of Veljerla-I (V), Farooqnagar (M), Mahaboobnagar District, being developed by M/s. Spectra Housing Pvt. Ltd., as the layout is being developed un-authorizedly without any valid permission or approval of HMDA.