How hard is life in Canada?


From Amber Hasan Toronto

VIEWPOINT: It is very hard. Harder than you think or may have thought. You see it is not easy to live in a country that ranks the best in the world for quality of life. The politeness of Canadians kills me.

They run to open doors, keep saying sorry and thank you, keep smiling. I mean how dare they? Is it because Canada is the world’s most educated country with more than 56 per cent of adults with education beyond high school?

Oh my, the list is SO long. This country called Canada has the best of natural beauty which is accessible as well. Mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, ports, whatnot.

Like why do we have more lakes in Canada than the lakes in the rest of the world combined? Why Ontario has 2,50,000 lakes that contain 1/5 of the freshwater of the world? The largest coastline in the world? Why Niagara Falls?

I mean every so often I have to pack my bag and get out on an adventure- that ain’t fair eh! Even the goddamn border is the largest demilitarized border in the world. Mr Trump you reading this?

Almost half of the population in Canada were born in other countries-Immigrants???? Yikes!!!!! And for all those people, Canada provides healthcare which is considered one of the best around the world. Free education, youth clubs, shelters, security.

I once forgot to lock the door as I left for an Eid gathering in the morning and got back later in the evening. The door had been ajar all day and yet nothing happened. How hard can it get?

Making life even harder is this guy, our PM. The dude was a night club bouncer and a snowboarding instructor before he reached the PM office. Folks, think he has killer looks really?

Courtesy: The author is a Clinical hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, on a parenting break Answered Apr 17, 2019, on Quora Digest.


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