Hyderabad Badminton couple to set up Academy in Himachal

Hyderabadi Badminton couple Saina Nehwal and Parupalli Kashyap are seen greeting the Himachal Governor Bandaru Dattatreya at Raja Bhavan at Shimla today

Former World Number One Badminton player from Hyderabad Saina Nehwal is set to establish a Badminton Academy at Himachal Pradesh.


She has expressed her interest to this effect with the Governor Bandaru Dattatreya whom she met him at Raj Bhavan here today along with her husband Parupalli Kashyap who is also an international badminton champion and Arjuna Awardee. The couple called on the Governor to convey greetings on the occasion of Diwali. The Governor honoured them in Himachal tradition and conveyed that the Himachal is a beautiful hilly place to be cherished. The youth here are shining in every sphere at national and international level as his government is doing everything to encourage them including sports in the state.

“Still there is a shortage of infrastructure facilities due to which youth are unable to make headway in sports”, said Governor Dattatreya.

Reacting to it, Saina Nehwal and her husband expressed their willingness to set up a Badminton Academy in the state provided government supports them so that, she said, “Many sportsmen and women who are going to Hyderabad and Bengaluru for training can be trained here locally”.

While praising the massive Cricket Stadium set up at Dharamshala, Saina said still youth are going abroad for training purpose. “Having coaches with international playing experience is essential for any academy for a level playing”, she pointed out.

Saina Nehwal and Kashyap are being honoured in Himachal tradition by the Governor Bandaru Dattatreya