Hyderabad Exhibition Society donates 45.73 Lakh to CMRF

Office bearers of the Hyderabad Exhibition Society are seen handing over a Cheque for Rs45,72,836 to the CS Somesh Kumar

The Exhibition Society of Hyderabad has contributed Rs 45,72,836 to CM’s Relief Fund today.


The Society Secretary Dr B Prabha Shankar handed over the cheque to this effect to the Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar at BRKR Bhavan today.

The Chief Secretary lauded the Exhibition Society which has been organizing the annual All India Industrial Exhibition, popularly known as “Numaish”, for the past 80 years and is part of the cultural ethos of Hyderabad, and also contributing to the betterment of the society through running 18 Educational Institutions.

The society joint secretary K Janakiram and Treasurer B Hanumanth Rao have accompanied the Secretary.