Implement Welfare schemes in its letter and spirit: CM tells Collectors

CM KCR is seen addressing Collectors conference in Pragathi Bhavan today.

Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao has exhorted the district Collectors and additional Collectors that priority to the district administration should be on implementation of the government policies, aimed at people’s welfare and development, but not any personal priorities.

Addressing them for the first time after the abolition of Joint Collectors post and after replacing the same with Additional Collectors here at a conference in Pragathi Bhavan today, Chief Minister said that the government bring in several Acts, formulate programmes, keeping in view the ground realities and after a detailed discussion in the Legislature, several other debates and after much intellectual churning as well as consultations with the experts on the matters and the same should be implemented in its letter and spirit until it reaches the last beneficiary. “The onus lies on the District administration headed by the Collectors and Additional Collectors”, he said.

Important points raised made by the CM:

  • After the formation of Telangana State, within a short span of time, we have achieved wonderful progress in several sectors and stood first in the country to implement Welfare schemes worth Rs 40,000 Crore. The state had overcome several crises left behind for us by our predecessors in key sectors like power, water supply, and irrigation.
  • Its proud moment for us that we are the only state in the country today supplying 24 x 7 quality power to all the sectors. The drinking water problem is today resolved with Mission Bhagiratha programme through which all the villages are being supplied with pure drinking water today. Irrigation facility is created with the construction of major irrigation projects like Kaleswaram etc. Now the challenge in front of us today is to develop clean and green villages and towns. 
  • Collectors should not fix their own priorities. The entire administration should have only one priority. The administration should work like one team. From the state level to the ground, duties should be performed with one agenda and priority. Programmes like KCR Kits, Kalyana Lakshmi, and Kanti Velugu are born out of the supreme conviction that difficulties of the poor should be removed and tears of them should be wiped out. After much intellectual churning, based on the needs of the people and with a realistic approach, the state government formulated schemes and programmes. Such programmes should be implemented by the district Collectors. 
  • The State government has decided to strengthen the institution of Collectors. Hence, the government-appointed additional collectors to support the Collectors. 
  • The Collectors should work and act as representatives of the government at the district level. The government has reposed a lot of faith in the Collectors. At the same time, the Collectors have a lot of responsibility. Earlier, Collectors used to be Chair 112 Committees and now they are grouped to 26 with all the subjects. This will lessen some of their burdens.
  • The Palle Pragathi programme aimed at clean and green villages has been implemented in two phases successfully. This programme should continue without any break. Plants should be grown in large numbers in the villages. Protect them. Villages should be clean and tidy. Remove gutter, garbage. Close all the unused wells and borewells. Collectors should ensure that all these works are done under the panchayats. 
  • The government has taken all the measures for village development. The administrative wings have become small with the creation of new districts, new divisions, new Mandals and new Panchayats. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop villages. We are releasing every month Rs 339 Crore to the villages from the Finance Commission grants so that the villages do not face any financial problem. We are releasing funds to villages even at the cost of stopping some other works. We have appointed secretaries to all the villages. 
  • MPOs. MPDOs, DLO, DPOs, ZP CEOs posts are filled up. We have hiked the salaries of Panchayat employees. We have created an opportunity in every village to have a Tractor. We have given powers to the Collectors to take action against those employees neglecting their duties. We have constituted a tribunal so that people will not able to directly approach the Courts. With a lot of faith and confidence, the government had transferred some of its powers to the Collectors. The government did everything it expected to. But the government will not keep quiet if changes are not taking place on expected lines in the villages. The Collectors should take the responsibility to ensure that everyone performs their duties. 
  • We have appointed additional Collectors to assist the Collectors. One of those is exclusively allotted for the local bodies. Don’t give any other work to them. One additional Collector should take responsibility of making panchayats work efficiently.
  • In the coming 15 days, organise ‘Panchayat Sammelam’ at the district level. Invite the elected representatives, Panchayat secretaries. Explain how to develop the villages. Inform them about the duties and responsibilities of each person. Explain what does Sarpanches and secretaries should do? Invite Ministers, MPs, MLAs, and ZP Chairpersons as chief guests. Explain about duties and responsibilities during the Sammelam. Give ten days gap after the Sammelam. Tell them that the topography of villages should change for the better by that time. In all in 25 days, there should be a change in the villages. After that surprise checks will be conducted all over the State. Flying Squads will tour the State. As Chief Minister, I will also conduct surprise checks. Action should be taken against the villages, which are not up to the mark. For those who keep their villages clean and tidy, rewards and awards will be given. 
  • Palle Pragathi programme should continue. It is not a programme, which can be organised for some time and then stop. This, not a special drive. This should continue forever. Telangana State should be known for having a large number of Ideal Villages in the country. Make sure that people assigned jobs to do their work. Ministers, other public representatives, the official should make the institution work. Plant saplings in every village and protect them. Among those planted 85 per cent should survive. Create dumping yards, crematorium and burial grounds in the villages. Purchase tractor to lift the garbage and water the plants. 
  • We keep Rs One Core with the Collectors so that he/she can undertake works, which come to their attention.
  • Collectors should act firmly not only to plant saplings but also to control timber smuggling.  Ensure that there are no illegal cuttings of the trees. Grow dense forests in the forestlands. Developing forest in ten acres of forestland is equivalent to developing 10,000 Acres in social forestry. Hence prepare an action plan to revive the forests and implement the same.
  • Percentage of the forest is less in Hyderabad, Gadwal, Karimnagar, Jangaon, Warangal Urban, Yadadri, Suryapet, and Narayanpet, Sangareddy districts. Collectors of these districts should concentrate on developing social forestry. 
  • It is the responsibility of the ministers and collectors to plant saplings and their protection. This is a litmus test for their work. Persons who neglect their duties and negligent will not be spared.
  • Every development and welfare programme should start from the SC/ST areas. SC/ST are most backward in society. People’s representatives, officials should visit Tribal Thandas and Adivasis Gudems. The programme should start in these areas.
  • We have filled up all the vacancies in the Panchayat Raj department. We have given powers to the Collectors to fill the post whenever a vacancy arises.
  • Like Palle Pragathi, Pattana Pragathi programme will also be launched by the government. Action Plan of this programme is getting ready.
  • The government is ready to fill up vacancies in the municipalities as it did for the Panchayat Raj department. The Municipal Administration Department should submit a report to the government on the vacant posts.
  • In the past, there were 6 municipal Corporations in the State, which are increased to 13 now. Municipality’s number is also increased from 68 to 128. We will provide funds for the 141 urban local bodies. We will release Rs 78 Crore per month for Hyderabad and Rs 70 Crore to other cities. With these funds and the local funds, development plans should be prepared for the towns and cities.
  • There are chances that cities having no seashore will have more pollution and Delhi is the best example and how it is suffering. Hyderabad, which is regarded as the most livable city will have to face severe pollution problem if it is neglected and proper measures are not taken now. Hence, we have to be careful from now. There are 1.60 Lakh hectares of forestland available within and outside Hyderabad. Grow dense forests there. Develop Harini Vanasthali Park at Vanasthalipuram like the KBR National Park. Prepare a proper plan to control pollution in the city and implement it. Take measures to decrease diesel vehicles while there is an increase in Electric Vehicles. Take action so that there should be awareness in every house that the pollution should be under control. 

Though the Telangana State stood first in several sectors it is lagging behind in the literacy level only. Take a pledge to make the State totally literacy state.  Sarpanches should take the responsibility of turning the illiterate as literate in the village. The Collectors should also take responsibility to make their district totally literate. Enlist the literacy rates in the Population Register. Give top priority to improve the literacy rate among the SCs and STs.


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