India begins a glorious chapter today: Modi at Ram temple Shilanyas

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen performing puja at the foundation stone laying ceremony for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

India is starting a glorious chapter today when people all across the country are excited and emotional to have finally achieved what they had been waiting for centuries, said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking after laying the foundation stone for the construction of much-awaited historic Ram temple at Ayodhya today, Modi terming it as historic said it’s not that just 130 crore people of this country but the entire world is watching this ceremony with joy and reverence. In fact, several of whom are scarcely able to believe that they are witnessing this day in their lifetime. He congratulated fellow countrymen and Ram Bhakts all across the world on the holy occasion.

He highlighted that Ram Janmabhoomi has become liberated from the cycle of breaking down and building up again, and a grand temple for Ramlala will be constructed in place of tents now.

Prime Minister said that just like August 15 which represents the sacrifices by people all across the country towards the freedom struggle, this day marks the immense dedication and continuous struggle across generations for the Ram Mandir. He recalled and paid obeisance to those whose struggles have resulted in the dream of Ram Mandir coming true.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen addressing the gathering after laying foundation stone at Ayodhya

Shree Ram – the foundation of our culture

Prime Minister observed that while several attempts were made to wipe out his existence, Shree Ram continues to be the foundation of our culture. He said that Ram Mandir will be a modern symbol of our culture, eternal faith, national spirit and collective will power which will inspire generations to come. The construction of the temple will also open up several opportunities across sectors and will change the economy of the region.

Prime Minister noted that this day stands testimony to the truth of the faith and resolution of crores of Ram Bhakts. He praised the dignity and restraint with which fellow countrymen responded, keeping the feelings of everyone in mind, when the judgement was passed by the Supreme Court last year, and similar dignity and restraint is visible today also.

Prime Minister recalled how people from all walks of life including the poor, backwards, Dalits, tribals had been instrumental in several feats such as the victory of Shree Ram, Shree Krishna lifting Govardhan, Chatrapati Shivaji establishing Swaraj, Gandhiji leading independence movement etc. Similarly, the construction of Ram Mandir has started with the help and contribution of common citizens, he said.

Recounting the character traits of Shree Ram, Prime Minister remarked that he always stuck to the truth, and established social harmony as the cornerstone of his rule. He loved his subjects equally but had a special kindness for the poor and the needy. There is no aspect of life where Shree Ram doesn’t serve as an inspiration, and his impact is visible in several aspects of culture, philosophy, faith and tradition of the country.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiling the plaque to lay the foundation stone of ‘Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir’. UP CM Adithyanath, Ram Janmabhumi Trust Chairman Santh Gopal Das and VHP chief are also seen.

Shree Ram – the thread of unity in diversity

Prime Minister said that Shree Ram has acted as a guiding light for people, through Valmiki Ramayan in ancient times, through Tulsidas, Kabir and Guru Nanak in medieval times and was also present in the bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi as the power source of Ahimsa and Satyagraha. Lord Buddha is also associated with Shree Ram, and the city of Ayodhya has been a centre of faith of Jains since centuries, he said. Recounting the different Ramayans written in various languages, Prime Minister noted that Shree Ram is the common thread of unity in diversity in the country.

Prime Minister noted that Shree Ram is revered in several countries. He listed out the Ramayans popular in countries such as Indonesia, the country with the maximum Muslim population, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and said that references to Shree Ram are also found in Iran and China and Ram Kathas are popular in several countries. He said that people in all these countries must be feeling glad today, with the start of construction of Ram Mandir.

Inspiration for the entire humanity

Prime Minister expressed hope that the temple will serve as an inspiration for the entire humanity for eras to come. He noted that it is important that the message of Shree Ram, Ram Mandir and of our age-old tradition reaches out to the entire world. Keeping this in mind, Ram Circuit is being made in the country.

PM Modi is seen giving Harathi to the lord Hanuman before laying the foundation stone for Ram mandir in Ayodhya

Ram Rajya

Prime Minister recounted the contours of Ram Rajya dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi. He said that the teaching of Shree Ram, which have continued to guide the country, include: no one should be poor or unhappy; men and women should be equally happy; farmers and animal keepers should always be happy; the old, the kids and the doctors should always be protected; it is the duty of all to protect those seeking asylum; homeland is more than heaven; and, the more power a nation has, the greater its capacity to further peace. Prime Minister said that Shree Ram stands for modernity as well as change. The country is progressing, following these ideals of Shree Ram.

Foundation of mutual love and brotherhood

Prime Minister emphasized that the temple should be constructed on the foundation of mutual love and brotherhood. He said that through ‘sab ka Saath’ and with ‘sab ka Vishwas’, we need to achieve ‘Sabka Vikaas’ and make a self-confident and Aatmanirbhar Bharat. He underlined that the message of Shree Ram, that there should not be any delay and we should move forward, is the message which the country needs to follow.

‘Maryada’ during COVID

Prime Minister ended by recalling the significance of the path of ‘Maryada’ of Shree Ram in the backdrop of the COVID situation. He said that the current situation demands the Maryada to be ‘Do gaz ki Doori – Mask hai Zaroori’ and exhorted everyone to follow the same.