Is Local body elections a Plebiscite to the Capital row?


Ever since YSR party assumed power in May 2019 in Andhra Pradesh, the clashes between Telugu Desam and YSRCP cadre intensified and percolated to the grass-root level.

Though it was subdued for some time, it aggravated after the 3-Capital declaration leaving the 27,000-odd farmers who have contributed their 33,000 acres of hard-earned fertile traditional lands into the lurch. A lot of water has gone under the bridge during the last nine months. All in the name of ‘Inside Trading’.

IT raids also going on regularly on one or other TDP leaders. Banks went on to sell properties worth Rs.400 crore belonging to Sujana Choudhary and Rs 2000 crore said to have seized during raids on the former Personal Secretary of Chandra Babu.

Now with the declaration of election schedule to the local bodies, the situation further worsened leading to the physical attacks by one another. Panchayats and MRO offices have literally become battlefields. Villages are witnessing pitched battles forcing the BJP state president Laxminarayana to compare the skirmishes with that of ‘Bihar like’ situation in the state.

Political observers feel that these attacks might be orchestrated so that ruling YSRCP could able to prevent TDP candidates from contesting after realising that mere “Inside Trading’ in Amaravathi may not fetch votes for them. Moreover, it has become prestigious for YS Jagan to sweep the local bodies which would give him double strength to silence his betenoir so that he can comfortably and coolly take forward his 3-Capital proposition without any opposition.

Jagan appeared to have made up his mind to cut short the TDP prospects as much as possible considering the fact that TDP if given chance, might win an estimated 40 % seats in rural areas and 50% in urban areas as the latter had joined hands with the Communists parties. This may facilitate the TDP to gain milage in Vijayawada, Nellore, Guntur and Kadapa districts, a fact that may YSR leaders refuse to acknowledge.

Whereas YSR party expects Jagan Magic wind to bring more votes and seats by not just defeating but by eradicating the TDP from the grass-root level so that it can establish its footprint in Andhra Pradesh.

The political observers, however, are of the view that people of Andhra Pradesh have divided over 3-Capital Issue and the current local body elections would work as a plebiscite for the State’s decision. Hence, the ruling party took it as a challenge to weaken the opposition TDP at the ground-level as the mere ‘Insider Treading in Amaravati’ failed to work for its advantage.