Is HC causing inconvenience to Telangana State officials?


Is the Telangana State High Court causing inconvenience to the state officials by admitting Public Interest Litigation (PIL)s petitions? Yes. The state officials seem to be holding this opinion going by what they expressed at a review meeting held by the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Sekhar Rao on the Covid19 situation in Pragathi Bhavan today.

The meeting took place following the High Court’s strictures passed yesterday and asked the Chief Secretary and host of other top officials to appear before it on July 28 as a ‘Last Chance’. The officials include Principal Secretaries of Municipal Health departments, GHMC Commissioner, and Directors of Public Health, and Medical Education. The Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan also remarked that “the state machinery is not taking proper action even though people are dying in large numbers which amount to criminal negligence.”

The officials who took part in the meeting openly expressed their anger at the way the High Court is admitting the number of PILs on the Corona issue and the subsequent comments passed by the High Court in this regard. One of the officials pointed out that the Court had admitted as many as 87 PILs till date and every day one or the other officer had to attend the court. “This is hampering our work and we are not able to do justice to our job responsibilities”, said the officer.

They also pointed out the in spite of the fact that the government and medical staff are working with commitment with regard to taking measures to contain the virus, conducting tests and the treatment. In fact, they said, the situation in Telangana is far better than other states. In spite of that High Court has passed strictures against us. Recently the court ordered to conduct Covid tests on dead bodies on some one’s petition. But the Supreme Court had set aside the High Court’s orders in this regard, he recollected

They also found fault with the media for playing off the High Court’s strictures on the government which ultimately reflecting on the government’s image. “This is shattering the morale of the medical staff who are rendering the services putting their own lives at stake”, they remarked.

The CM who after giving a patient hearing to the opinions expressed by the officials instructed them to file an Affidavit in the High Court on conducting the investigative tests, treatment given and precautions taken while administering the treatment with all facts. “The officials should submit all the information as the Court sought and inform it about the work done”, he said.

The meeting was attended by Medical and Health Minister Etela Rajender, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, Principal Secretary (Medical and Health) Syed Murtuza Rizvi, Principal Secretary (Finance) Ramakrishna Rao, several heads of Medical departments, Srinivas, Ramesh Reddy, Karunakar Reddy, Gangadhar and others attended.