Is Work from Home to stay after Covid19?

Work from Home - Representational Picture

What was a taboo for an IT company till yesterday has turned out to be mandatory today in allowing its employees to Work from Home (WFH) thanks to the spread COVID19 Pandemic.


Over 10 lakh employees of different Software and hardware company employees including programming have been working from home since March 24, 2020, be it in Hyderabad, Bengaluru or elsewhere.

Industry mood is visible going by the statement of Chief Operating Officer of Tata Consultation Services (TCS) NG Subramaniam who said: “TCS will ask a vast majority of 75% of its 4.48 lakh employees globally (including 3.5 lakh in India) to work from home, up from the industry average of 20% today. The new model called 25/25 will require far less office space than occupied today. “We don’t believe that we need more than 25% of our workforce at our facilities in order to be 100% productive”.

TCS is the leader among India’s IT services firms, other IT firms will have no choice but to follow. This would cause major changes in the entire operating model of IT firms.

Telecom and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has ordered his ministry officials to talk to industry heads in India to identify the roadblocks and discuss possible solutions to make Policies for WFH as a continuity after Lockdown also.

A meeting is coming up with industry heads and Telecom & IT officials tomorrow on Monday, April 27, 2020.

The two major issues raised so far are as follows:

  1. Use of Personal Device at home to access official documents in the office may raise Cyber Security Problems.
  2. To design a secure Video Conferencing app as an alternative to Zoom, presently being used.

It seems that some companies have come forward to design Video Conferencing app with visibility and participation of more people and clear audio system. Another issue is how many Works in several departments can be brought under WFH.

Experts opinion was sought on how to use technology to allow seamless experience, essentially an array of products, software suits and hardware required. If rules and process are framed for WFH, it will be boon for women professionals now. Previously when WFH sought by women employees it was not encouraged by many bosses. So some talented women lost their jobs as well.

Now WFH includes several new roles like Medical Content Writer, Web designer. & Developer, Copyright & Patent professional etc. Women are seeking to apply for these posts by leading companies like Amazon, E & Y, Anand Rathi, and many startup companies also. It saves the cost of rent, current charges, vehicles for lady employees and huge cafeteria expenses etc.

So WFH is going to stay and improve further in many fields like Media, Animation, gaming etc and provide more jobs for women.