JAANU Review: Feel-good love drama with slow narration


JAANU is a remake of Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha’s Tamil ’96’ but with a difference. It’s overall a feel-good love drama with slow narration.

The entire film is an emotional journey. But the narration is somewhat slow in Telugu version unlike for sure in Tamil version. It’s was a Classic in Tamil and comparing this with Telugu is bit complex as I am still under its influence. I can’t digest other artists fit in the roles played by Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha in Tamil. However, still, Sharwanand and Samantha did a pretty good job here.

Telugu audience has the habit of not connecting to such a slow narration and emotion. Though story is simple, Screenplay, Dialogues are just ok. Especially, comedy dialogues like “Photography ki okka daanike kaalanni aape Shakti untadi” (Only the photography has the power to stop the Time), “Ninnu ekkada vadilesano akkade unnanu” (I am there only where I have left you).

Cinematography is ok. Locations in the opening song are extraordinary. As for Samantha’s costumes are concerned, they could have taken extra care as the maximum part of the movie runs on a single costume.

Art direction is excellent and Editing is good. Except for one song from Tamil version, all other songs would have been better had they taken extra care.

Overall Direction and Production values are good. Sharwanand has justified his character while Samantha fits in perfectly especially as child artiste is good. Overall Movie is OK. But how it pays commercially is the question.

*Some comedy dialogues
*Slow narration

MaaHyd rating: “3”


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