Jagan releases 70 Crore to prevent landslides on Indrakeeladri

AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy is seen in traditional attire carrying a saree on behalf of the State Govt to be presented to the Goddess Kanaka Durga at Indrakeeladri today

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has presented the Sarees to the Goddess Kanaka Durga on behalf of the State Government to commemorate Navaratri festival at Indra Keeladri today.


CM wearing the traditional lungi arrived at the Indrakeeladri temple early today only to present the clothes as part of the Hindu tradition of presenting the goddess on the auspicious Moola Star.

Meanwhile, a constable on bandobust duty in connection with the CM’s arrival was injured due to landslide at the Indrakileedri this morning. The incident occurred a few minutes before the arrival of the CM to the temple. The injured constable was immediately shifted to hospital as received minor bruises. Jaganmohan Reddy later visited the place where the small portion of the hillock had fallen.

Later the Chairman of the Kanaka Durga temple declared that the CM had announced a sum of Rs 70 crore to initiate measures to contain the landslides in future and he said designs would be prepared as per plan following CM’s instructions.