Jayesh Ranjan launches Digital Payment Abhiyan campaign

Principle Secretary IT Jayesh Ranjan is explaining the features of Digital Payment Abhiyan

Principal Secretary of IT&EC Jayesh Ranjan virtually launched the Digital Payment Abhiyan Telugu Campaign.

Speaking at the event Jayesh Ranjan said “ The Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence and DSCI has been doing an excellent job in spreading cyber-awareness to various stakeholders in these testing times. The launch of this Telugu campaign that will educate the end-users on the benefits of making digital payments and adopt best practices for secure and safe transactions is one of them. 

He further said the government of Telangana is a campaign partner of this initiative and has taken a special interest since the content of the brochures is in everyday Telugu and has many pictures making it quick and easy to grab and practice for everyone. 

T wallet was first of its kind initiative taken by a state government to promote digital payments and we have seen its impact even in the remotest part of the state.

The speakers have also requested everyone to watch and read the DSCI’s digital payment Abhiyan portal https://www.dsci.in/digital-payment-abhiyan/#/ share within your community, friends and family to practice and follow the precautions and tips provided in them.


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