JIREH Foundation helps migrant labourers with food in Kavadiguda


There are good samaritans like RSJ Thomas who along with his friends and associates keeps himself busy with providing food to the poor and the needy especially at a time when the world is busy fighting the dreaded COVID virus.

A photo Journalist by profession, Thomas and his teammates belonging to JIREH Foundation made it a point to reach the needy in the slums in Kavadiguda area amidst lockdown with the help of police. He distributed food packets to more than 560 homeless, migrant labourers living in huts without any cards besides rickshaw pullers, distressed and disabled.

Let the god give him and his team comprising Jireh Secretary Sheeba G, IHRO Chairman Kommu Agrippa, K. Wilson, A. Samuel, and A. Augustine who have joined the poor feeding.