Joshi releases Book on Urban Forestry


The outgoing Chief Secretary SK Joshi released a special Book on Urban Forest Parks here on Tuesday.


Urban forestry is gaining importance under the impact urbanization and the change in Climate. The Climate-resilient  Urban Forest Ecosystems make the city, it’s people and infrastructure resilient to extreme weather events.

“The Urbanization progress in Telangana state necessitated the Protection, Conservation and Development of Urban Forest Ecosystems with the involvement of the people in urban areas. This is a crucial step to promote the sustainability in urban areas as the density of the population is high and there is a need for a green shield”, said Joshi.

It is well demonstrated in KBR park, that there is a willingness to pay for ecosystem services. There is a realization that if an individual walk into these urban forest parks every day, they need not run into Hospital for the rest of their life. There are 129 reserve forest blocks clusters with 193 Reserve Forest blocks of which 59 are developing as Urban forest parks with visitor’s zone in 10% area. The balance area, along with rest 70 clusters is developed as Conservation blocks which with an expansion of city will be developed as urban forest parks. The total area is 60,000 Ha, he said.

In addition, it is proposed to develop urban parks in other Municipal towns in the state where there are reserve forest blocks. Already 13 parks are developed in the districts. In addition, the ecological tourist attractions are covered under the Ecotourism parks, 10 of them already developed and 3 are in Progress, he concluded.