Journalists unions condemn MLA Mahipal’s threats, demand action

Patancheru local reporters seen complaining against Patancheru MLA Mahipal Reddy for threatening the Vartha reporter Santosh Naik with dire consequences

The TRS MLA from Patancheru Gudem Mahipal Reddy threatened a local reporter of a daily newspaper, Santosh Naik with dire consequences for exposing his role in the encroachment of land in his constituency.


The audio recording of the Mahipal threatening reporter Santosh is making rounds in social media. The Journalist unions TUWJ led by Virahat Ali condemned Mahipal’s threats and demanded action against him for what he said behaving like a street rowdy. The local reporters along with the victim have also lodged a complaint with the police on Tuesday. But no case has been registered so far.

Meanwhile, the TUWJ led by Allam Narayana has also condemned Mahipal’s rowdyism and called for a protest in Patancheru and demanded action against him.

The secretary of Telangana Online Media Working Journalists Association (TOMWJA) Sridhar Dharmasanam has also issued a statement condemning the action against TRS MLA. He said being a responsible public representative, it is uncalled for Mahipal Reddy to behave like a street rowdy. “If any grievances are there, he should bring to the notice of his higher ups”, he said.