Judicial enquiry Demanded in 1100 Acres Metro Land Scam


DSC00553Hyderabad, Oct. 10 (Telemedia) : Maa Hyderabad and Voice of Telangana, the T-protagonist organizations working for the cause of Telangana in Hyderabad demanded the Central government to order for a Judicial enquiry into what they termed as the biggest ever Land Scam in the country to the tune of 11oo acres.


Speaking at a press conference today, the president of Voice of Telagnana and London Royal Historical Society Member, Capt. Lingala Panduranga Reddy said that none of us are against Metro Rail Project. We feel it a prestigious for Hyderabadis but, he said, it is painful to note at the same time that in the name of Metro Rail Project the previous governments have acquired lands left and right in Hyderabad. But the Metrorail builders, the L&T was given only 269 acres as per their statement but now the question is where the rest of the lands gone?

President of Maa Hyderabad, Sridhar Dharmasanam demanded a thorough enquiry by a sitting judge of the supreme court would only reveal many more startling facts. It only shows how these non-Telangana political parties have exploited lands in Hyderabad during their 55-years of ruling. The integrity of Telugu Desam and YSRCP Parties towards Telangana Society has nothing but exploit the lands in Hyderabad. And the same are now embarking on tour in Telangana. Hence we call upon people to question them about the this missing 1100 acres in the name of Metrorail.

They further said that It is really a shame on their part to start a political yatras in Telagnana. And we demand answer from this two political parties. We also condemn today’s Chandra Babu Naidu’s statement who sought Telangana Power Genco to be handed over to him. It clearly shows why these outside political parties show so much of interest in Telangana Society. Ones this judicial enquiry is complete, we are sure that many more such startling revelations would see the light.

It may be recalled that few days ago the socalled prestigious Hyderabad Metrorail Project (HMR) management said to have written a letter threatening Telangana State government to wathdraw from the project work. Subsequently, the L&T Metrorail Project Chairman and Managing Director after meeting the Chief Minister clarified that writing such letters was a ‘routine administrative matter. The central government soon after this episode notified the Hyderabad Metro Rail as a Central Project. And a day or two after this, the Times of India has carried an exclusive investigative report in its Hyderabad edition on September 22 in which it was said that the the earstwhile governments have acquired 879 acres near Nagole and 410 acres in Miyapur besides 70 acres (thought it was not in concession agreement of L&T) was handed over on March 22, 2013. According to the agreement, one acre open space in front of R&B department office near Punjagutta and three acres at Erram Manzil was to be given for the metro project. But, according to GO Ms 152, 12 acres were allotted

* Another order (GO Ms 123), issued on August 28, 2012, allotted a land parcel of 15 acres in Raidurg, where L&T is building two metro depots. But the construction major says it has been given only 104 acres in Nagole and 96 acres in Miyapur aggregating to 200 acres only. Now the question is where has the excess land of 1186 acres gone?. The Times of India has also claimed that it was in the possession of relevant documentary evidence.

Now in this backdrop, we as a T-Protagonists Maa Hyderabad and Voice of Telangana unanimously and vociferously demand the Centre to order for a Judicial Enquiry into this entire murky land deals in Hyderabad by the earstwhile Andhra Pradesh governments. In this backdrop, we would also like to question the integrity of Telugu Desam Party and YSRCP Party towards the cause of Telagnana as both have indulged in this murky land deals in Hyderabad.

The others participated in the press meet include Telangana Development Forum (TDF) President DP Reddy, and Maa Hyderabad leaders Umair Khan, Sayyed Naqvi, Budaga Rajendar and others.