Justice Chandra Kumar appeals people not to violate lockdown


Retired Justice Chandra Kumar while appreciating the state government’s efforts to curb the spread of dread Coronavirus, has appealed to the people to stay calm and strictly follow the lockdown.

In a statement issued here today, he said the government has given the Lockdown call in the interests of the people at large. “If one gets afflicted only the family members suffer. But if you move out hundreds of people will get affected since there is no medicine found as of now”, he said adding that: “But there is no need to get panic. Just focus on improving your immunity power. That is the only way to prevent this virus. Watch the number of growing recovery cases. Just stay at home and use your precious time in watching good movies, reading books, listing to music etc. Try not to venture out and Very soon will have good days”.

While thanking all those workers at the ground level engaged in the service of the society including doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police, drivers, municipal, waterworks, electricity etc., Chandra Kumar appealed to the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao to ensure that no single person including poorest of the poor should go without food in this hour of crisis. He also assured that he would pray for the well being of the state to overcome the Corona attack.