‘Justice for all’ members help 25 Pastors’ families in Kalwakurthy


Good samaritans continued their noble works of distributing groceries to the needy during the lockdown period at many places in the state.

The ‘Justice for all’ Commission member for South India, Goneh Solomon Raj, and its Secretary CBG GH along with their teammates served needy pastors and other religious people by distributing groceries to 25 families at Tallakondapalli village in Kalwakurthy Constituency, in Mahaboonagar District.


The other members who participated in the programme include President of IMCC Rev. P. Sathya Raju, Vice President Rev. D. Sathyanandam, Secretary Rev. R. Bhaskara Chary, Treasurer Rev. V Rajesh and Tallakondapalli Mandal Pastors Fellowship and CBG for GH committee members.
Y. S. Anil Kumar-Treasurer, T. Anil Kumar, North Zone Coordinator and Twin Cities Christian Youth Fellowship members George, Sam Alphy, & Rinku