Kavitha calls on Rahman as he recovers after a brain surgery

7-year-old boy Muthir Rahman is seen playing with MLC Kavitha after she called on her today in Peddapalli. Rahman underwent a critical brain surgery with the help of Kavitha.

MLC Kavitha today called on a 7-year-old boy Muthir Rahman in Peddapalli town Karimnagar district suffering from brain tumour. The boy underwent a major operation for his brain tumour to whom Kavitha helped his family getting a sanction of Rs2.5 lakh from the CM Relief Fund.


It may be recalled the boy’s family members sought Kavitha’s help in saving the boy suffering from the tumour. Reacting to their tweet, Kavitha help them sanction of CMRF amount of Rs 2.5 lakh for operation. Subsequently, the boy underwent operation successfully and is now recovering. Kavitha also ensured the return of boy’s father Gouse Baba from Dubai on the request of the family members to whom she also helped them financially during the quarantine period.



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