KCR announces further lockdown up to March 31st


Telangana state has declared a complete further lockdown up to March 31st during which the social life is expected to paralyse completely.

He was addressing a Media Meet held here in Pragati Bhavan today after participating in clapping programme along with his family members, top officials and few cabinet colleagues in order to express solidarity towards those working to contain the deadly Covid-19 virus.

He thanked the public in general for making Janata Curfew a big success. Today, the entire national media appreciated the way Hyderabad and Mumbai cities observed the Janata Curfew. In the same spirit, the Telangana state government has also decided to extend the lockdown for a further period of 8 days up to March 31st as the threat of Covid virus continued to loom large on us, he declared.

“Railways have already cancelled trains and we would not allow any inter-state buses to enter into the state. Bus services and metro rail services will also be suspended up to March 31st.

He said in view of the lockdown the government has decided to distribute at least 12 kgs per head to those 87 lakh below the poverty line having white ration cards as they will have to survive for 8 days without any work or income which may be extended further depending on the situation. He further said a total sum of 3.31 crore tons of rice will be distributed at a cost of Rs13,000 crore for which a sum of Rs 2,475 crore will be released immediately. We have also decided to distribute cash of Rs 1500 per family to every BPL family having white ration cards so that they can sustain during the lockdown period.

He also asked all public and private networks, business houses, companies, factories etc to close down their business units voluntarily and if anyone found violating the rules would be punished sternly.

He further appealed to all the citizens not to come out of their houses as no office or establishment would function for this entire week and only one person from each family would be allowed to go to provision stores for purchases if any.