KCR appeals denizens to vote for TRS to protect peace in the city

TRS Party president and Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao is seen addressing public meeting at LB Stadium today
  • KCR denies proposal to set up a National Front
  • Hyderabad is not the first city to get floods
  • Vote for Progressive TRS to have a peaceful city.
  • Builders should decide whether you want B-Pass or Curfew Pass

Floods are not unique to Hyderabad alone. Mumbai was submerged for 20 days, Chennai for 10 days, similarly Delhi was also flooded recently. Unfortunately, Hyderabad has also got the floods. There, no government has provided any relief but to the flood victims like what we have done in Hyderabad.


Addressing a mammoth gathering at the LB stadium as part of the last leg of the GHMC elections campaign here today, KCR said it was for the first time in the country that his government has extended financial assistance of Rs 10,000 each to 6.5 lakh flood-affected people. While stating this, he wondered as to why so many national leaders have lined up to the city. Is it to hit this fragile KCR? he questioned adding that where these leaders have gone when the city was flooded due to rains.

Coming down heavily on the national parties, he declared that both BJP and Congress have utterly failed to do justice to the people of this country and advocated a change at the national level. While referring to the allegation about establishing a National Front, KCR denied saying that he never said that he would set up a national platform but definitely fight against the decisive forces.

He questioned as to why LIC is being sold which has been flourishing with over 40 crore policyholders and 30 crore worth properties. Similarly, BHEL, Railways which have been on the verge of privatisation, he pointed out.

Subtly referring to the arrival of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath, KCR said that the UP CM had arrived here. “I do not know what for and what he would say. His state itself is ranked at 25th while Telangana is ranked at 5th position and I don’t understand what he would tell our people”, he said.

Accusing some leaders’ war of words, KCR obviously referring to MIM and BJP leaders, alleged that some useless people are creating tensions in Hyderabad. “They want to bring a division by creating disturbances so that City’s peace get affected”, he said.

He asked Builders whether they want to have B-Pass or curfew passes? Similarly, he questioned Industrieslists and traders to appealed to vote for his party if they want customers to come. “Business will run smoothly only when the customers come. How do you get customers, if peace is disturbed? Businesses will not run. Real estate businesses will not go up. Children will not get opportunities, he questioned appealing to come and stand in the queue.

While listing out the various welfare schemes being implemented by his government, Chandrasekhar Rao appealed all the professionals, intellectuals, advocates, doctors, engineers and other professionals to come out openly and vote for TRS party only to protect peace in the city and also to ensure that the welfare schemes continue in future uninterruptedly.

CM KCR is holding a traditional mace presented by a party worker at LB Stadium meeting today.