KCR appeals to Markaz returnees to undergo COVID tests voluntarily


Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao said to expressed concern at the growing number of Corona positive cases with 30 such cases detecting in a single day on Wednesday totally to 127 in the state.

He instructed the officials during a review meeting of the high-level committee at Pragathi Bhavan to further tighten the lockdown measures in order to curb the growing number of cases.


The officials pointed out that in Telangana, the virus is fast spreading from those who attended the Nizamuddin Markaz and through them their family members. On Wednesday alone, over 30 patients were tested positive while 3 others Two in Gandhi Hospital, one in Yashoda Hospital died. With this, the death toll due to Corona virus reached 9 in the State.

The three died on Wednesday and 30 who tested positive are those who went to Markaz. The six who died earlier were also who went to Markaz. Initially, the virus spread among those who came from abroad and through them it spread to others. They are all recovering. Many of them discharged. No case among them was serious. Nobody died. But the positive cases for the past few days are all those who went to Markaz. Hence the Telangana government has decided to conduct tests on those who went to Markaz.

There is a need to conduct tests on 300 more who went to the Markaz. Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao has appealed to all those who went to Markaz, their family members and those who came in contact with them to come to Gandhi hospital and undergo tests voluntarily. “Since the virus is spreading through those who went to Markaz, they all should under go tests without failure”, he said.

CM KCR has urged the people to make the lock down aimed at preventing the Virus a success. If people extended support for a few more days, Corona spread in the Telangana State can be curbed. The CM said the government is giving top priority to the medical staff protection who are providing treatment to the Corona. The CM said the government is making arrangments for the supply of PPE Kits, N 95 Masks, Hydroxychloroquine tables and Azithromycin tables. Medical kits to conduct tests are also made available. The CM said all the meausres are taken to provide treatment of the patients, protection of the medical staff and measures to prevent the spread are taken by the government.

The CM met Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan and explained to her about the spread of Corona Virus and the measures taken by the government and the present lockdown. Since the CM had a vide conference with the PM and Governor with the President on Thursday, the CM discussed the matter with the Governor.