KCR asks GHMC to speed up restoration works due to Dussehra

Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao - File Photo

Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao wants GHMC to complete the relief and rehabilitation measures in Hyderabad flood-hit areas on a war footing in view of the Dussera festival on Sunday.


The CM while reviewing the relief and rehabilitation measures here at Pragathi Bhavan today said if the poor get the financial assistance of Rs10,000 as announced by him before the festival they can at least get some relief as they are severely affected due to floods. “Ensure that every day one lakh people get this assistance”, CM remarked.

Meanwhile, CMD of SPDCL Raghuma Reddy who was also in the meeting explained the CM that “they have repaired and restored 33/11 KV Sub Stations damaged at 15 places. At 1080 places 11 KV feeders were damaged and we have also restored them. 1215 Transformed were damaged in the greater Hyderabad, we have repaired and restored 1207. The rest 8 Transformed we could not repair as they were submerged in water. Due to floods to Musi River 1145 Transformer of the farm sector in the rural areas were damaged. We have repaired 386 of them and there are 759 to be repaired. Of this, 586 transformers were submerged in Musi water in Nalgonda, Bhongir, and Suryapet. 1299 electric poles were damaged in the greater Hyderabad and we have repaired them. Due to Musi river floods, 5335 poles were damaged in the rural areas. Of this, we have repaired 3249 Poles and repairs are going on for the rest of 2086 Poles”.

Since it is dangerous to restore power supply to the areas submerged in water, the CM instructed the officials to restore power to the places after draining the water out.