KCR extends Lockdown up to April 15 as positive cases reach 59 today


Telangana State government has extended the lockdown period up to April 15 in view of the growing number of positive cases in the state, declared the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

Speaking to media men here at Pragati Bhavan today, the CM announced that the number of positive cases has gone up by 59 with 10 more cases reporting today alone. Currently, 58 people are being treated in isolation wards except for one who had been discharged after he got cured, he said while appealing the people to cooperate in this hour of crisis. “This is a grave situation. People should understand and strictly follow the lockdown as this is the only way we can win over the Covid virus”, he said.

He further stated we are ready to meet any eventuality even if more number of quarantine centres are required. As it is over 25,000 suspects under quarantine centres now. If need be we have made arrangement to treat patients up to 12,400 in isolation wards. We already have 11,000 beds ready and made further arrangements for another 1400 beds in Gachibowli stadium besides placing orders for 500 ventilators which will be delivered soon, he said.

He further announced that the government had roped in the services of over 11,000 retired doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff to meet any eventuality.

Referring to the inmates of the private hostels rushing to the borders to crossover to Andhra Pradesh, KCR appealed that no need to get panicked as hostels will continue to operate. “We have instructed them against shutting down the hostels. Food supplies will be made. Don’t worry”, he said.