KCR for extension of Lockdown, announces CM’s Gift to COVID Army


Lockdown in all probability may continue in view of the growing number of positive cases and subsequent deaths across the country, if what one goes by the opinion expressed by the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao here today.

Addressing Media here at Pragati Bhavan today, KCR pointed out that the lockdown has literally helped our country reduce mortality rate and the spread of COVID virus when compared to the other countries, observed Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.


Quoting a survey report by the Boston Consulting Group, KCR said that this reputed group wanted India should continue its lockdown up to June considering its large area and dense population. Lifting of lockdown at once is not that easy task as there is a possibility of recurring the spread of the virus again. This may prove suicidal for our country, he said adding that “Hence I told the Prime Minister that I am for the extension of the Lockdown further as we can recover from the economic debacle but not the lives. Still, discussions are going on. PM is deliberating with many including myself. Let us see what emerges”, he said.

KCR has appealed to all those who have returned from Markaz should voluntarily come out for quarantine. “There is no need to feel you are being framed or somebody is targeting you. This is all in your own interest and interest of the society at large”, he said adding “more than 3000 people have been afflicted in the country out of which only 1089 are from Telangana alone”.

As for economic set back is concerned, the Telangana is losing Rs 400 to 450 crore a day. In April alone in these six days, we could receive only Rs 6 crore out of Rs 2400 crore. “Still we have no other option but people’s lives are more important than money. We can recover losses but not lives”, he said.

He further announced 10 per cent incentive on the gross salary of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, Municipal officials, safari workers right from panchayat to the GHMC as the Chief Minister’s Gift as a token of recognition to their dedicated services being rendered in this hour of crisis. He said over 97,392 employees would be benefitted from this incentive which includes Gram Panchayats, 21,531 municipal workers, 2510 HMDA employees, and 27,690 GHMC employees. Besides this, a cash incentive of Rs 7,500 will be given as the CM Gift as a token of encouragement from the government.

He further announced the cash incentive of Rs 5000 exclusive for Safai workers in Panchayats and Municipalities as an encouragement to their contribution. “Society cannot ignore the yeoman services to the mankind at this juncture. I am saluting to their contribution. And we are also thinking of honouring them on the State Formation day if the situation permits”, he declared.