KCR for strict implementation of 24 hour Janata Curfew tomorrow

KCR addressing media at Pragati Bhavan today in view of the Janata Curfew tomorrow on Sunday

Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao has appealed to all those foreign returnees to voluntarily inform their details to the nearby medical officers, police stations, or revenue offices keeping in view the larger interests of our society in particular and country in general.

He said: “It is your social responsibility also to intimate about your arrival so that the government can initiate required medical tests and nothing more than that”.


He was addressing media at Pragati Bhavan today in view of the ‘Janata Curfew’ tomorrow. He appealed to every citizen to follow the self-imposed Curfew tomorrow on Sunday from morning 6 to next day morning at 6 am. Not a single bus will ply on the road tomorrow and instructions have been given to the RTO and police not to allow any vehicle entering the state at the border.

Similarly, no metro trains will also not function tomorrow. However, we have kept 5 metro rails ready to meet any medical emergencies if arises at any point in the city. “This will be used only when required. It will be kept standby”, he declared.

All business establishments, malls, including small vendors also need to close down their shutters voluntarily keeping in view the growing Covid cases in the state. “As you are all aware there is a lot of influx at the border areas mostly from Maharashtra into the state. As it is we have 52 checkpoints at the borders especially along the 100 km interstate border with Maharashtra. We have formed 78 teams to monitor the influx along the border. “If need be we are also thinking to close the interstate borders at later stages”.

Only vendors of milk, vegetables, groceries, besides those on duty in media, electricity, medical, police, will be allowed and no other establishment should be kept open, he said.

He also appealed to all his party-men, media, and the public, in general, to make a loud sound at 5 pm tomorrow only to express solidarity to those directly fighting the dreaded Covid virus. ‘I will also along with my family members come out at 5 pm and gives clap. Govt has also arranged a siren to mark this”, he declared.