KCR ‘kicks out’ PRO Vijay both from CMO and TRANSCO

Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao is releasing 2 books authored by CM PRO Ghatika Vijayakumar

The senior Public Relations Officer (PRO) in the Chief Minister’s Office, Gatika Vijay Kumar has tendered his resignation today. He reportedly posted a note to this effect on social media platform.


The sources in the government revealed that Vijay Kumar was shown exit by none other than the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao himself after coming to know about his misdeeds and underhand dealings through the intelligence sources. KCR said to have learnt that Vijay’s personal properties had grown to more than 500-600 crores during his tenure in both CMO and the TRANSCO where he held the post of General Manager on deputation.

Minister KTR reportedly played a vital role in the removal of Vijay as he learnt about throwing a lavish birthday bash in Daspalla hotel to his friends recently. Nearly 300 people said to have attended the bash which raised many an eye-brow. This reportedly made the powers-that-be to order a probe into his activities that found to be murky later. He misused his power as General Manager of TRANSCO and reported to have amassed over 200 crores in tenders etc.

It may be recalled, Gatika Vijay Kumar who worked as a reporter in Andhra Jyothi and T News channels in Warangal had developed an intimacy with CM KCR for quiet some and trusting his capabilities, CM had appointed him as a PRO in CMO. He even wrote a book on KCR’s role in the Telangana Movement titled ‘Jwalitha Telangana’ which won the heart of KCR. As a result, he was later appointed as the General Manager in TRANSCO on deputation.

It is now said that KCR has decided to flush out dirt from his office and as part of it reportedly called him and asked to tender his resignation and instructed the top brass to terminate him from all posts immediately. Sources also said that KCR made it clear to all in his office (CMO) that he cannot tolerate any corrupt practices and warned Vijay not to show his face again.