KCR KIT for new born babies ready for distribution from May


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Hyderabad: Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao said that financial assistance given by the government at the time of delivery of pregnant women and issue of KCR Kits should impart good healthy habits to both mother and child.  The CM hoped that in the State there should be Zero infant Mortality rate and the future generation should grow up healthy.

He was reviewing a Rs 12,000 financial assistance given by the government to the poor pregnant woman who will have her delivery in the government hospitals as well as supply of KCR Kits to the infants here at Pragathi Bhavan today. Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary SP Singh, Senior officers Shanti Kumari, Vakati Karuna, Smita Sabharwal, Priyanka Varghese and others have participated.

The CM has examined the items given through KCR Kits. Mosquito Mesh, Soaps, Shampoos, powders, towels, diapers and others items formed part of KCR Kits. Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare Ms Vakati Karuna informed that tenders have already been called for the supply of kits and KCR kits will be supplied from May. He has also constituted a Committee with senior women officials to prepare an action plan for the implementation of Rs 12,000 financial assistance, KCR Kits and Ammavadi Programmes. The committee includes Shanti Kumari, Vakati Karuna, Smita Sabharwal, Priyanka Varghese and Yogita Rana.

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“The poor pregnant women are going for their daily wage work even at the advanced stage of pregnancy to run their families. This is not only causing adverse affects on their health but also badly affecting health of the new born. The women should not go to work when they are at the advance stage of pregnancy and till the child becomes two to three months old. This is the reason why we have decided to give financial assistance to every pregnant woman under goes delivery in the government hospitals. However, the officials should finalise on how many installments the financial assistance given and from which time. Rs 1000 will be given additionally if the newborn is a girl child. Names of the pregnant women should be registered. They should be undergoing medical tests at regular intervals. They should be supplied with the required medicines. We have Anganwadi teachers, ANMs and Asha workers and find out how we can enlist their services.

He further said that Rs 12,000 scheme should be implemented properly. We are giving this financial assistance so that the poor pregnant women will have their deliveries in the government hospitals. Through KCR Kits, infants will have a healthy upbringing. Both mother and child will get discipline on health. Infant mortality will come down. Mother and Child will be healthy as they come to hospitals regularly to get their medicines and vaccines,” the CM said and added that his government has decided to pay Rs 1000 per month to the single women. ‘Identify them. By giving financial aid to single women, we will also be helping those taking care of them,” the CM said.

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