KCR makes Women Commission headless: Indira Shobhan


Telangana Congress Party spokesperson Indira Shobhan Poshala urged the Chief Secretary to appoint a Chair Person for the Telangana Women’s Commission.

In a memorandum submitted to the CS here today, Indira Shobhan alleged that no Chairperson was appointed for the Telangana State Women Commission since the last Chairperson Tripurana Venkata Ratnam demitted her office in July 2018. Chief Minister, despite several please, did not care for the women’s woes as there are many cases pending for disbursal in the absence of the Chairperson.


“We have also represented the matter to the National Commission for Women in last November and subsequently, the Commission had written a letter to the Chief Minister to this effect in February this year but to no avail”, she said adding that nothing could convince Chief Minister forcing the Women’s Commission to go headless.

Indira further accusing the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao of what she said forcing the youth to commit suicide for want of jobs. Referring to yesterday’s incident before Ravindra Bharati wherein a security guard had set himself ablaze demanding a job, Indira Shobhan expressed her concern at such incidents saying that KCR has cheated people by creating false hopes among people that ‘If Telangana comes, Jobs will be created and Andhras will go out’, but KCR should feel ashamed at least seeing at the suicides being committed by the people.

She further alleged according to TSPSC chairman, youth could get hardly 30,000 jobs in Telangana till date and over 3 lakh jobs are lying vacant. “But KCR could successfully create employment to his own family members”, she charged and called upon people to gear up for another public movement against KCR ruling.


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