KCR names Telangana Barrages after Goddesses


Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao has finalised the names of Barrages, Pump Houses under the Kaleswaram project jurisdiction after the names of Goddesses.


1. Medigadda Barrage: Lakshmi Barrage, Kannepally Pump House as Lakshmi Pump House

2. Annaram Barrage is named as Saraswathi Barrage and Siripuram Pump House as Saraswathi Pump House

3. Sundilla Barrage is named as Parvati Barrage and Golivada Pump House as Parvati Pump House.

4. Nandimedaram Barrage cum Pump House is named as Nandi barrage and Pump House.

5. Lakshmipuram Pump House is named as Gayatri Pump House.