KCR to implement long term and short term agriculture strategies

CM KCR is seen reveiwing with officials on the proposed Agriculture policy today at Pragati Bhavan - File photo

Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao has announced that to make agriculture a matured profession in future, the government would implement both long term and short term strategies in the state.

The CM desired that cultivation in Telangana State should be developed in such a manner that crops should be cultivated based on the eating habits of the people, agri-based industries should get their raw material continuously, the entire yields should be sold in the market at good prices, the cultivation of crops should be done to compete at the international level. He said that there should be a tangible change in agriculture in the State.

The CM held a meeting with the experts at Pragathi Bhavan here on Friday to finalise the strategy on the cultivation to be done in tune with the market demands, agri-business, food processing, agro-industries development and other related issues. Former MLC Prof Nageshwar, Agriculture University Vice-Chancellor Praveen Rao, Agri-business College Principal Ms Seema, Administrative Staff College of India Director Srinivaschary, Food and Agriculture management Consultant Gopinath Koneti, Seed Development Corporation MD Keshavulu and others participated.

A detailed discussion was held on what kind of changes to be brought in the cultivation of crops? What are the methods that are available now to add value to the crops produced by farmers without sending them directly from farm to the market? What new changes to be brought in? What changes should be done for the use of fertilisers and chemicals? What should be done to make sure that the entire yields are utilised? The experts in this regard gave several suggestions. It was decided to hold such discussions in the coming days and give a direction and path to agriculture in Telangana State.

“The government has decided to implement short term and long term strategies for agriculture development. We are arranging things for the farmers to take care of their present needs. This is leading more yield of the crops. We are ensuring that the crops are getting the Minimum Support Price. But this is not enough. We have taken agriculture much forward. In Telangana, there are favourable conditions for agriculture. A majority of people dependent on the farm sector. Agriculture is an integral and key factor in Telangana life. Hence more focus should be on agriculture only. We have to guide farmers with a long term strategy,” the CM said.

The following are the observations made by CM

  • We are selling in the market, the crops produced by a farmer as it is. By adding value to the crops, more price can be earned. This is the reason why the government is starting food processing SEZs in a big way in the state. We need united farming which continuously supply raw material to the food processing units. By producing quality products, Telangana Brand will get an image which will help in the international market.
  • A majority of people depending on agriculture is not a symbol of progress. Hence industrialisation should be done. Telangana is congenial for agri based industries. Hence a lot of effort should be put in to get more agri based industries in the state. With this, both the industries and service sectors will expand.
  • The situation changes all over the world every year. Based on these changes, crop patterns should also change. Hence, farmers in the state should be used to changing the crops when needed. By practising change in crops pattern, there will be more yields. Soil strength will increase; there will be fewer pests and insects. All these things should be explained to farmers.
  • There should be a change in the use of fertilisers and pesticides. Since farmers have no proper knowledge on the matter, they are trusting the traders and using fertilisers and pesticides. Inform farmers about the correct usage of fertilisers and pesticides in moderate quantities and their benefits. They should also be informed that crops which used more fertilisers will not have any demand in the international market.
  • Agro Industries and food processing units of the respected crops should come up near the Crop Colonies.

Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy, Chief secretary Somesh Kumar, Principal Secretary Janardhan Reddy, Rythu Bandhu Samithi State President Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Seed Development Corporation Chairman Kondabala Koteswar Rao, CM Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal participated in the meeting.


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