KCR to include 30 Nomadic tribes into BC, Releases Book On ‘BC Castes and Nomads’


Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao announced that the Government would examine the issue of identifying nomads among the 30 backward classes which have not been done since independence and to include them in the Backward Classes list. 

The Chief Minister released a Telugu Book titled “BC Castes and Nomads” authored by BC commission member Juluru Gowri Shankar at Pragathi Bhavan on Saturday afternoon.

When the author brought to the notice of the Chief Minister about the inclusion of 30 nomadic tribes in the backward classes list, the CM responded positively and entrusted the responsibility of studying the issue to MP K. Keshava Rao and the Chief Secretary to the Government. The CM said, that, after the study the BC commission will also interact with the Chief Secretary to take a final decision.

The author Juluru Gowri Shankar described in his book, in detail, about the development and welfare programmes initiated and implemented by TRS government during the last four years for BCs and nomads as well as studies undertaken by the BC commission. With specific reference to Residential schools, the author recorded the progress of the nomadic children in 718 Residential schools. He mentioned in the book that it is for the first time the nomadic children have entered into the premises of the schools. The essays in the book narrate how the most downtrodden and backward classes are identified and being helped since the formation of the Telangana state.

The BC castes, Sarollu, Aravakomati, Tholubommalatavaru, Kulla Kadagi, Bail Kammara, Aheer, Govili, Bagothula, Boppala, Ganjikutivaru, Sri Kshatriya Ramajogi, Enooti, Gurrapu Vaaru, Addapur Vaaru, Kadari Thidarollu, Saragaani, Od, Maasaiahlu or patam varu, Saadana soorulu, Rumja, Panasa, Pekkara, Pandavula varu, Gouda Jetti, Aadi Kodukulu, Thera Cheerala, Kaaki Padagala, Manda Hechchula, Paapala, Sannayollu/Bathina are to be include in the list of Backward classes.

MP Keshava Rao, MP B Vinod Kumar, Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav and others participated in the book release programme.