KCR to launch Power Week shortly to Financially Support Electricity Dept. in view of LI projects


Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao has assured that the government would give necessary financial support to the Telangana Electricity Organisations and would extend all the support to them and stand by them.

In view of the reports that the Electricity bill for the Kaleshwaram Project has crossed a whopping Rs 20 crores, Chief Minister clarified that all the required measures will be taken to prevent the electricity organisations getting into any financial crisis, as the electricity organisations have proved their mettle in generation, distribution and supply of power and they stood as a role model to others in the country. Since the state’s development is depended on the working of the electricity organisations, he said the government would protect them.

He said his government’s motto is “no power break down even for a wink of an eye, no financial trouble for the electricity organisations”. He announced that a stringent method would be put in place so that the Government institutions, departments and local bodies pay their power bill dues on time. The CM said Power Week will be observed shortly in all the villages and towns in the State to settle all the power-related problems and issues.

The CM held a review meeting on the power sector at Pragathi Bhavan here on Wednesday. Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Genco, Transco CMD D Prabhakar Rao, Government’s Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, SPDCL CMD G Raghuma Reddy, NPDCL CMD Gopal Rao, Transco JMD Srinivas Rao, Special CS Ajay Mishra, Principal Secretaries, S Narsing Rao, Ramakrishna Rao, GHMC Commissioner Dana Kishore, Irrigation E-in-C Muralidhar, CMO Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal and others participated.

He further said that Gram panchayats, municipalities have to pay heavy power dues. It’s regrettable that power bills are not paid on time. Bills should be paid for the power utilised. From now onwards, Village Panchayats, Municipalities, Corporations. HMWS should pay their power bills every month without fail. If the bills are not paid on time, in the village, the Sarpanch, Village secretary, in Municipalities the chairperson, Commissioners will be punished. The government will go for a one-time settlement of the all the dues till date. Dues for Electricity organisations will be bought to the zero levels. Discipline should come in as far as the usage of the street lights is concerned in the villages and towns. Ensure that no street light is on during the day time,” the CM explained.

“Discipline should also come in the government departments. Many government departments are not paying their electricity bills on time. From now onwards, the Finance department will pay the bills of the departments concerned from the budgetary allocation of various departments. Install prepaid meters at all the government departments and power used for other needs by the government. The government will bear the expenditure with regard to free power to the farmers and the Lift Irrigation schemes and projects. For this purpose, a special grant will be made in the Budget and electricity organisations will be paid their bills every month. The government will also stand guarantee to the electricity organisations to raise funds to strengthen their organisations,’’ KCR assured.

“The government is preparing an action plan for the works to be taken up in the villages and towns. In this 60-day long action campaign, power week will be observed. During the period, the rectification of the twisted poles, power lines, clearing of the power bills etc., will be taken up. At the same time assess how much will be the cost of bills and quantum of power required for the streetlights,” the CM remarked.

“In cities like Hyderabad and other places, finding a place to put a Sub Station and Transformer is becoming difficult and they often posed problems. For this, the government will bring in a law to make it mandatory for all the layouts in the towns and cities to make provision for the allotment of land for the Substation and transformers,” the CM said.

The CM also instructed the Irrigation and Electricity officials to make an assessment regularly on how much quantum of power is needed from time to time for the Lift Irrigation Schemes and how to procure it. They should make estimates based on their assessment and go ahead with the action plan.

The CM, who suggested that solar power, which is available at a cheaper rate, should be procured to meet the heavy demand due to the Lift Irrigation schemes, and asked the officials concerned to invite tenders for 1000 MWs of solar power. The CM also instructed the Finance department to prepare contingency plans to extend financial help to the electricity organisations as and when they require financial help.