KCR warns of shoot-at-sight orders, imposes night curfew from today


Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao has imposed a night curfew from 7 pm to the 6 am every day in the state with immediate effect in order to strict implementation of lockdown.

Announcing this here at a Media Meet after conducting high-level emergency meeting here at Pragati Bhavan today, KCR appealed to the people not to bring a situation wherein the government will be forced to give shoot-at-sight orders by defying the Lockdown.

He called upon all MLAs, Municipal corporators, Panchayat members to come on to the roads and work in tandem with the local area police to impose the Lockdown successfully. “People should understand the gravity of the situation as the suspected cases have reached 114 while positive cases touched 36 in the state. If you continue to defy the lockdown, we will have no other option but to either impose a curfew or call in the army”, he said and appealed to the people save yourself, your family members, neighbours thereby saving your state at large and nation in particular.

While referring to the declining conditions globally, KCR said the USA had to finally call the military to impose the lockdown as the positive cases reached more than 5000 there. He said asked people not to take government orders easily. “You will have to pay for it”, he said. Referring to the spiralling of prices of vegetables etc., KCR warned those traders jacking up prices of foisting PD cases against them and blacklist such traders if they found exploiting people at this hour of crisis”.

He expressed regrets at yesterday’s incident wherein police harassed the mediamen while going home in the night at Ramanthapur. He asked DGP to give strict instructions to allow all mediamen with ID cards as they were exempted from the prohibition list. “They are important for us and without them even what I am saying also will not reach people”, he said.

He also declared that we have kept an eye on the 19,313 foreign returnees in the state. He also warned them not to ignore the govt orders and be aware of its consequences.