KCR’s frequent attacks on BJP is only to impress MIM party: Kishan Reddy

Union Minister of State for Home G Kishan Reddy

KCR is more interested in the demolition of secretariat than containing Covid, alleged the Union Home Minister G Kishan Reddy.

Kishan Reddy, in his virtual interaction with media today, took serious objection at the KCR statement in assembly blaming the centre for lack of financial support especially in fighting the covid. He further charged that KCR is levelling allegations frequently against BJP and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi only to impress upon his political alloy MIM party.

Reeling out the financial support extended to the state, Kishan Reddy claimed that over Rs 13,80,000 crore has been given to the state government besides providing 2 lakh RTPC kits, 3.12 lakh PCR kits, and 14,000 ventilators. He alleged most of the ventilators seal was not even opened yet.

Kishan Reddy while pointing out at KCR’s intention behind claiming that the Centre has not done anything, said that Centre has directly deposited Rs 8000 (Rs2000+Rs6000) directly each into the accounts of over 33,31,468 farmers amounting to the tune of Rs666 Crore besides depositing another Rs778 crore in the 1,51,750 Jandhan Accounts of women. Following are the other payments made by the centre to the state:

  1. Rs6.60 Crore under Pension Scheme
  2. Rs 770 Crore to 4,30,000 beneficiaries under the ESI scheme
  3. Rs3,60,365 tons of rice given free of cost
  4. 14.144 Metric Tons of Pulses given to 1.41 crore people in Telangana
  5. Rs 224 crore towards Disaster Management Fund
  6. Rs 9.72 crore as First Instalment
  7. Rs 9.72 crore as Second Instalment
  8. Local Bodies were also given in 2 instalments
  9. 2 lakh street vendors were helped financially in GHMC under PMSvannidhi scheme.

While narrating the above, Kishan Reddy questioned KCR as to whether the above beneficiaries belonged to Telangana? He further pointed out: “KCR perhaps under the impression that if Centre pays directly to his account, he would acknowledge the Centre’s receipts”.

Ayushman Bharath

Reacting to the claim of KCR that Aarogya Sri is much superior to the Ayushman Bharath Scheme of the Central Government, Kishan Reddy questioned: “If that is so, then why did KCR include Covid treatment in the Aarogya Sri and why should people pay huge sums to private hospitals”.

Basti Dawakhanas

Union Minister also reminded that Centre has also helped State by sanctioning over 168 Basti Dawakhans. “But nowhere KCR or his Minister son acknowledge this”, he said adding that “Even the Centre is paying Rs6,000 each on every KCR kit which they conveniently forget to acknowledge”.

He further accused the CM of not printing the new ration cards as Centre made it mandatory to print the Centre’s logo on every book under one ration and one nation.

Union Minister to visit RFC at Ramagundem tomorrow

Union Minister for Fertilizer Mansukh L Mandaviya along with Union Minister of State for Home G Kishan Reddy will visit the Ramagundem Fertiliser (RFC) factory tomorrow Saturday.

The RFC which was locked down is all set to be reopened soon at a cost of 6000 crores. The factory is expected to produce over 400 metric ton of fertilisers besides set to generate more 2000 employment.


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