Killer of Warangal mass murders caught, produced before media


The Warangal Police on Monday produced the prime accused Sanjay Kumar Yadav from Bihar in the mass murders of 7 members of a family and 2 Bihari youth here today. Illegal contacts said to have led to the murders.


Addressing the media on the occasion, Commissioner Ravinder Kumar said that the accused Sanjay Kumar Yadav came into contact with Maqsood and his family while they were working in Gunny bag godowns 5 years ago. During this period, the accused developed an intimacy with the daughter of Maqsood wife’s sister Rafiquaa. However, he wanted to marry Rafiquaa’s daughter to which she objected. He took her to his native village in West Bengal and while in return by train he gave her lassi by mixing sleeping pills and strangulated to death using her Chunny while she was fast asleep in train around 3 am and later threw her out of the train in West Godavari district.

Though the incident took place a month ago and since then, Maqsood and his family has been persistently asking him whereabouts of Rafiquaa, Sanjay Kumar Yadav has decided to kill them as it became contentious for him. The Commissioner said the accused purchased sleeping pills in Warangal town and mixed in their food in all the accused. Sanjay after they lost their consciousness, carried the victims one by one in a gunny bag and dumped them into the agricultural well nearby.

The Commissioner declared that the accused had resorted to mass killings only to cover his first crime in which he killed Rafiquaa. He also said that Sanjay had killed the two Biharis residing in their neighbourhood fearing that they may reveal his identity as he had been visiting Maqsood’s house regularly almost every day.

The Commissioner also declared that they had collected all the pieces of evidence of whatever he had told the media which, he said would be produced in the court and ensure that he would be given maximum punishment.

Prime accused in the Warangal mass murder case Sanjay Kumar Yadav is being brought to Media Conference