KP Sagar Canal develops breaches at 2 places


The newly built canal of the Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir with an 11,500 cusecs of water flow capacity developed breaches at certain places especially at Kodakandla head regulatory and at the Markook.

According to a report by HMTV, the cement lining and the steps got damaged near the head regulatory posing a threat to the possible leakage. However, when contacted by MaaHyderabad, the Executive Engineer of the project Badrinarayna said that the rectification measures to patch up the breach is already underway on war footing measures. The higher authorities in the department said to have sought his explanation who reported to have confirmed the breach due to heavy rains.

The 24-km-long canal that travels from Mallannasagar Sarjipool to Tukkapur gravity canal is said to be wider than the Nagarjuna Sagar canal.