KTR asks to decide between Delhi boys or Galli boys

Minister KTR is seen participating in Transforming Hyderabad programme

“A city is not about a few concrete structures. It is about having an inherent soul, culture, heritage, and vibe that go with people. Hyderabad is a rare and unique city which has an old-world charm and a new age vibrancy”, said Minister and the TRS Working President KT Rama Rao.


He was interacting with the business fraternity at the ‘Transforming Hyderabad into a Global City’ program organised in the city today. Talking about Hyderabad and its growth, KTR said, CM KCR is a practical person and he is rooted in reality. His main focus is on the common man’s requirements and fulfilling the basic needs like electricity, water, and other amenities.

“If there are infiltrators in the country, what is Raksha Manthri doing? It’s a slap on BJP government’s face,” said KTR adding “I openly challenge the opposition leaders to come for a debate with us on policies, economy, jobs. I’m sure nobody will come. All they know is bring a communal divide and benefit out of it,” KTR said.

KTR appealed to the people said; “One side there is leadership with decisive policies and another side there is divisive politics. Do not get carried away by propaganda.”

Attacking the opposition, KTR said those who ruled for 60-70 years are now pointing fingers at us. 60 years of mismanagement cannot be undone in six years. We are from Telangana. We live here and we will die here. We are not tourists coming from Delhi. Decide if you want Delhi boys (BJP) or Galli boys (TRS)? Think before you ink, said KTR.