Let the Neighbours Decide..!!

Charminar - File Photo

After giving a deep thought to what our President has said that ‘we cannot choose our neighbours’, I felt it is essential to ponder over the history once again so as to decide who is our neighbours?

Although, Pranab Daa essentially meant from his statement that in this era of globalisation one cannot be choosy about their neighbours but the human history has always been choosy about their friends from time immemorial. And understanding the difference between these two forms the essence of this piece.

Thumb rule is that a ruler should always speak positive and be balanced so that social fabric does not get disturbed. However, the reality is different. Politicians have always been drawing lines between our neighbours and friends. And Hyderabad is no exception. The new age political bosses have always played with emotions of the sons of this soil. The City of Pearls, Minars, Minarets and Lakes feel proud of its’ age-old customs, tradition and culture. It has been a customary practice for 500 years that this city has been a home for many neighbours from all across the world. And yet it stood as symbol of its peace, harmony and co-existence.

This was made possible only because the city has chosen to treat its ‘neighbours’ as friends. But this age-old practice was broken after the merger of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana in 1956 November 2nd. There was series of political conspiracies unfolded after the great Telangana uprising in 1947, Mulki movement in 1952, Jai Telangana movement in 1969 besides at every interval till the Telangana state is formed on June 2nd 2014 and even to till date.

Historical Anecdotes:

The government of India has imposed carpet ban on the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Musslimeen (MIM) party responsible for unleashing terror in Telangana in the name of ‘Raza Kars’ led by one Kasim Rizvi. The Then AP government released him and allowed him to flee to Pakistan in 1957 a year after the merger of Andhra into Telangana. The ban continued on MIM from contesting elections. But it was lifted by the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Kasu Brahmananda Reddy who has gifted them 15 acres of prime land in the heart of the city to enable them to construct their party office. He has also extended financial assistance not only to construct their party office but funded them to face the general elections in 1972.

All these favours were intended against creating an opposition to the ongoing Telangana movement which was at its peak at that time and also an attempt to wean away Muslim youth from taking part in the Telangana movement knowing pretty well that if they join, the movement would aggravate. It was also evident how the erstwhile successive Andhra governments have masterminded communal riots in this otherwise peaceful city for nearly two decades to settle their political scores with Telangana leaders.

All the atrocities perpetrated and conspiracies unleashed against the sons of this soil were none other than by our ‘neighbours’ only. This land has already paid heavy price for not choosing its neighbours. It allowed everyone to rule them, subjugate them, suppress them and what not. This is the result of not choosing their neighbours. And the same neighbours are today demanding imposition of Section-8 in Hyderabad city in order to continue their political domination as the threat of their leader getting arrested under the Note for Vote Scam is looming large.

Now, it’s time Telangana society wake up to reality and choose its friends if not neighbours. Let neighbours decide whether to co-exist with friends or not? Now let us rewrite the history once again by raising our voice in unison for repelment of Section-8 from the AP Re-Organisation Act through an amendment.