List of Cabinet’s revolutionary decisions


The State Cabinet has approved the new Industrial Employability policy, IT Grid Policy, Promotion of Electrical Vehicles among others including approval of the new Secretariat complex design.

The Cabinet which met here today as per schedule under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao discussed at threadbare on various issues confronting the state including the post lockdown Covid19 situation in the state.

New Industrial Employability Policy

Under this policy, the majority of employment is to be given to the locals in the industries to be set up in Telangana State. The decision came following several industries coming forward to set up their units in the state under TSiPASS. However, the Cabinet felt that the locals should have more opportunities in the industries being set up in the State. It has also decided to give incentives to the industries, that would provide more job opportunities to the locals.

IT GRID Policy

Similarly, the cabinet felt that the IT industry in Hyderabad should not be located at one point and it should spread all corners of the city. The Cabinet approved a Grid policy (Growth in Dispersion) to give incentives to the IT companies being set up in other areas other than the West Zone of Hyderabad.

Electrical Vehicles

The State cabinet has also approved the Telangana State Electronic Vehicle and Energy Storage Solution Policy under which it was decided to encourage and promote the use of electrical vehicles to decrease the air pollution in the state and extend incentives to the manufacturing and production units.

Secretariat Design

The Cabinet has finally given its nod to the much-talked-about and slightly modified new design of the proposed Secretariat Complex to come up in the state.

Regulatory Farming

Cabinet has appreciated the farming community’s interest in supporting and strictly following the new regulatory farming policy of the state government as it had resulted in bringing over 1.13 crore acres under cultivation pending only 10-12 lakh acres.

Cabinet decided to increase mechanisation in the farming sector and asked officials to take up a census of the machines available in the state to assess the further requirement of the same.

  • To name Raithu Vedikas after those who have contributed the money and the place

Covid Situation

Last but not the least, the state cabinet has devouted much of the time to debate on the Covid19 situation in the state. The top medical experts, Commissioner and Principle Secretary of State Health Department were invited to the Cabinet meeting to explain the situation.

They informed the Cabinet that the cases are coming down worldwide in all metro and cosmopolitan cities and such it is declining even in Hyderabad and nothing to get panic about it as we are well equipped with men, material, infrastructure, medicines etc.

The Cabinet, however, taken the following decisions:

  • To make available in lakhs emergency medicines like Ramdesivir, Lo Molecular Waitheparin, Dexomethojan Injections, Favipiravir tablets, injections, PPE Kits in all the hospitals.
  • Provide Home Isolation Kits up to 10 lakh to all those who tested positive
  • Collectors have been empowered to recruit additional staff in any medical institutions.
  • To arrange for 10,000 beds with oxygen facility throughout the state
  • No to spare any private hospital in case of medical regulations in treating Covid patients.
  • Medical and Health department has been given an additional 100 crores making to 200 crores till date.
  • To reimburse the expenditure being incurred by Private Medical Colleges on Meals and Medicines to treat corona patients.
  • Cabinet also ordered to conduct 10,000 tests per day.

Municipal Power Bills

Cabinet wants all Municipalities, Gram Panchayats and government offices to pay their power bills every month regularly without fail. Any violations will be dealt with strictly. It has also been decided to extend One Time Settlement options to all those defaulters.

Old Vehicles

Cabinet also permits all government departments to sell off their old and unused vehicles through auction.

Online Classes

Cabinet decides to utilise the services of Doordarshan for conducting online classes and asked officials to prepare exams schedules for all entrance examinations. It has also been decided to follow the court orders in connection with the conduct of final year exams for degree and PG courses.

Independent Day Celebrations

Cabinet decides to hold independent day celebrations on a low key as in the case of the state formation day owing to the Covid19.