Lockdown violations reach 5,88,786, cases filed against 2,19,684 violators


The Hyderabad city police have filed cases against 2,19,684 vehicle owners seized during a special drive in the city from March 23 to May 13 for what they termed violating Covid Lockdown rules.

According to the police, a total of 5,88,786 violations have been detected by the city traffic police through CC TV Cameras across the city. Out of which, over 2,19,684 were seized or booked during the special drive between March 23 to May 13 by the city police for lockdown violations.

  • The total vehicles seized are – 73,130
  • Cases booked for driving without a Helmet – 61,261
  • Driving vehicles without documents – 41,144
  • Cases booked under (Lockdown) Violations Act – 55,814
  • Two-wheelers double riding – 9,153
  • Two-wheelers triple riding – 4,283


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