Lorry driver travels for 250 km with a dead body


In what can be called as a rare crime, a lorry driver travelled for 250 km with the dead body of his cleaner only to be surrendered to the police.


According to the Khammam police, the lorry driver Nife Raju and cleaner Jalleda Raju both hailing from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh have come to Manthani in Karimnagar district with a Palmoil load. After unloading it, they went to Sultanabad only to reload broken rice to be transported back to Kakinada.

The problem began when the cleaner refused to tie the tarpaulin properly and an argument ensued between them. In a fit of rage, the driver hit the cleaner with jack-rod resulting in his instant death. The driver informed the same to his owner who reportedly asked him to surrender to the police.

But he drove the lorry with the body inside the cabin for 250 km all through the night and stopped in front of Konijerla police station in Khammam district en route Kakinada and surrendered to the police.



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