Maharashtra and Telangana tops as death toll reach 86 in the country

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The death toll due to Coronavirus in India has reached 86 by 10 am this morning with a total confirmed COVID-19 positive cases stands at 3,127.

India has entered the 12th day of the lockdown today and the total number of positive cases keep exceeding minute after minute, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

According to official reports, there has been a spike of 355 cases in the country in the last 12 hours. A total of 221 cases have been discharged after they recovered taking the total active cases to 2812 as on date which is subject to change depending on the situation from minute to minute.

Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Delhi continued to top the list of the highest number of cases with 499, 411 and 386 registered respectively which is followed by Kerala and Telangana with 295 and 229 cases each. However, Maharashtra and Telangana also top in death toll with 26 and 11 registered respectively.