Maintain Spirit of Lockdown irrespective of extension: Kishan Reddy

Union Minister of State for Home G Kishan Reddy - File Photo

People should learn to maintain the spirit of lockdown irrespective of whether Centre extends it or not, says the Union Minister of State for Home G Kishan Reddy.

Addressing media here on Saturday through Zoom conference, Kishan Reddy elaborated on several measures his government had initiated during the last one year on the occasion of completion of One Year in Office by Modi government.

He also thanked the people of Telangana in general and Secunderabad constituency in particular for reposing faith in him and he owed to continue to rededicate himself in their service in the days to come. He also answered a volley of questions posed by the media persons on the occasion.

To a question, Kishan Reddy said Centre had to give relaxations due to the sufferings of the Migrant Labourers on humanitarian grounds. “As we all know that they have been resorting to the extreme difficulties to reach their destinations defying all regulations. Considering their plights, the Modi government had given relaxations on humanitarian grounds due to which there is an increase in the number of covid cases in the country”, declared Kishan Reddy adding that ‘What people should learn is how to maintain the Spirit of Lockdown irrespective of whether Centre extends lockdown or not”.

To a question on whether the Centre had failed to contain the Covid virus in the country, Kishan Reddy said: “We are not the only country facing Covid pandemic. Nearly 200 countries fighting against it. When compared to their death rate we are far better besides we have only 87000 positive cases as of now in the country after an equal number of discharges up to 81,842 till date. We are already geared up to face any eventuality post-Covid lockdown as 942 covid hospitals are lying vacant since we could utilise hardly 5% of it. Further, out of 4 lakh beds, we are able to utilise 80000 beds. The remaining 3.5 lakh nearly is empty. We have also procured sufficient stock of Covid Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs). What all we now need is people should get accustomed to maintaining the Spirit of Lockdown irrespective of whether lockdown is there or not”.

Migrant Labourers Issue

To another query on State government’s accusation about the centre not helping the states in migrant labourers issue, Kishan Reddy said: Out of Rs 30 Lakh expenses being incurred to provide rail transport from Secunderabad to Bihar on each trip, we have asked them to bear only 15% of it, that too from the Rs 220 crore given by the Centre under the National Disaster Act. We are not asking them to pay from their treasury.

New Electricity Act

When asked on the state’s opposition on the Centre’s New Electricity Policy, Kishan Reddy said that he doesn’t want to criticise anybody today as the occasion is to celebrate the completion of one year of Modi rule while adding that he has answers to every question of theirs and will be replied in an appropriate time.

However, he said that the state had joined the One Nation One Grid only to have a financial and distribution discipline. The state government is indulging in a misinformation campaign against the centre alleging that the new power policy of the Centre would rob their powers off and lose their grip over the Discoms besides they have to discontinue their welfare schemes. “This is absolutely wrong. We are not doing it for our benefit. We are not asking them to pay single pai and stop sops they are giving. We are only asking states to have Financial and Distribution Discipline”, he said.