Maoists ready to trade with hostage for discussions


The Maoist party today declared its preparedness to hold discussions with the government on the current stalemate following the major encounter in Terrem forest in Bijapur on Sunday in which 23 policemen and 4 Naxals were killed besides 30 others injuring seriously.


In a statement issued in the name of Vikalp, the official representative of Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee, the Maoist party also announced that its ready to release the lone hostage Rakesh Singh, a COBRA team member caught by them during the encounter provided government announces the middlemen names to hold discussions in this regard.

Further elaborating on the Terrem encounter, Vikalp said Policemen are not our class enemies but blamed the government for their deaths and expressed their sympathise at their demise. He also declared that largescale arms and ammunition including 2000 bullets were seized by them after they encounter in which, 4 of their colleagues Odi Sunny, Paddam Lakya, Kovasi Idru and Comrade Nupa Naresh.

However, he said, the body of Odi Sunny couldn’t be retrieved as police took it away and they bid adieu to the remaining comrades in the revolutionary tradition.

He also came down heavily on the govrnments and ascribed the responsibility for this mayhem and said it is the responsibility of the government to create a conducive atmosphere for holding discussions by withdrawing its forces from forest, and stopping combing operations etc.



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