‘MasksOn’ made mandatory in TS


The Telangana State Government has made the ‘Wearing of Masks’ mandatory with immediate effect.

In a Memo No.2133/D/2020 dated April 9, the government has altered his earlier advisory to ‘wear masks only for the sick’ which has now been updated to ‘MaskOn while stepping outdoors’, in closed spaces and while interacting with others”. It said the latest advisory has come in the wake of latest findings from the medical fraternity and studies in Japan have shown that MaskOn has slowed the spread of Coronavirus considerably.

Covid-19 is a droplet infection that spreads through droplets released while sneezing, cough and talking. Therefore, MaskOn will prevent the droplets from escaping and potentially infect others and will protect you from inhaling infected droplets.

Homemade Cotton double layer reusable Masks have been recommended for use as the first line of protection. The following is the MaskOn Policy released by the government to be followed by the citizens.